Typical noob reaction


A Troll is a creature that spends all its free time antagonizing others, just trying to get a rise out of them, because they have no life of their own and are jealous assholes. They start arguments with anybody over anything and are an internet scourge. While one troll is relatively easy to take care of, once they start coming together you're going to have to fight tooth and nail to get out.

The Troll should not be confused with individuals who just casually mess with people in a lighthearted manner for shits and giggles. The Troll only seeks disorder and chaos, while the "casual" troller just has fun and no hard feelings are had. Except maybe, perhaps, for your mother. Just kidding.

Trolls have fairly high attack, though unreliable and while they can do a lot of damage to a weak spot (i.e. comments about your mother), they can't really penetrate armor (i.e. ignore them). Their defense is similarly variable; Their main defense is a quick counterattack that can easily stun the unwary vacuous. A few well placed blows will generally be enough to defeat them. They form tighter groups than Noobs and this can make them even harder to defeat. They usually mostly stick around their sites, though individual trolls will often venture out for fresh prey.


Spammer TrollEdit

The path of trolldom often exposes one to the strangest things of the internet: Memes. Those that survive the torrent of raw information find their own ability to send forth data enhanced. These particular trolls are capable of spamming the same information they were bombarded with during their forays in to the web abyss. They're also quite adept at bludgeoning enemies, too. Lol, internet.

Lurker TrollEdit


No, not that kind of troll. Smartass.

This troll has a bit more finesse. For a Troll, that is. It just kind of hangs out around the back, watching. And when you least expect it, it fires off a precise barrage of flames, dealing intense ego damage to the target. Before the target can pin down its assaulter, it disappears. But often, not for long.

If you can actually press your attack on them, they revert to weaker variants of Spammer Trolls. But the urge to lurk is strong.

Cipher TrollEdit

This type of troll has far too much time on its hands and has researched the underlying code of the Internet and uses this knowledge to get in where it doesn't belong and plant untoward images of your mother before stealing your cat macros and buggering off. Its sedentary lifestyle generally means it is more physically frail than its brethren.