Isshiki and Plasma exchanged mischievous smiles. They bolted off towards the various rides in the park.

The next few hours were spent with Isshiki and Plasma having the times of their lives, riding coasters and laughing at Osu and PNSK.

Then came up to the ferris wheel. It was huge, it was golden, it looked like a giant ring. Isshiki and Plasma got on. It was a fast ferris wheel, within seconds they were at the top.

Plasma: Wait... What's that?

Isshiki: What?

(Plasma points) Plasma: Over there.

A large amount of noobs were gathering in every part of the website. They were moving. Plasma drew an arrow and fired into the menacing-looking crowd. They seemed to be moving towards on central point.... The curtain.

Isshiki and Plasma jumped out at the bottom and they ran as fast as they could, looking for RGX and Rob. Meanwhile, the crowd was a football field away.

They finally found RGX, but Rob was nowhere to be seen.

Plasma: RGX!.... The noobs... at the curtain....

RGX: What noobs?

Isshiki: Go see for yourself, they have to be close by now.

The three ran towards the curtain, Rob was already there.

Rob: RGX, you stay here and help me hold them back in case this gets out of hand. Plasma and Isshiki, go find Jake, PNSK, Osu, and Kudo. We're going to need them.

Isshiki ran off with Plasma lagging behind.

Plasma: I can't.... breathe...

Luckily, Plasma ran into Jake by the coaster almost immediately.

Plasma: Jake... go... to the... curtain...

Plasma's vision faded to black and he fell to the ground unconscious. Jake carried Plasma back to the curtain.

Rob: ... Really?

Jake: Yeah, I know. But anyways, what's going on?

Rob: We have a problem. The noobs have gathered outside the curtain.

Jake: Already?! I thought we'd have more time!

RGX: Yeah, us too. Oh, there are the others.

PNSK, Osu, Kudo, and Isshiki all showed up just in time.

The curtain was heavy, but it couldn't hold off the crowd for too long. Our heroes could hear the riot outside. The curtain began to take damage. They had come.