Isshiki KotonashiEdit

Suddenly, Isshiki comes back to the child molesting tree. The sudden, jarring change in scenery made its head spin, so it decided to risk sitting at the tree. As Isshiki planted its butt down, it came into contact with something pointy. "Kyaah!" it screamed, thinking maybe the tree had taken a fancy for Isshiki's aft section. Isshiki turned around quickly, but only saw Osujunkie's face.

"Oh sorry, didn't quite see you there, good chap... Say, you look very unwell. Why the shriveled expression?" The spent looking fifteen year old did not reply. Isshiki's limited experience with zombies taught him to make sure they were dead, so he gave the crumpled form two taps with his boot. The figure stirred a bit, but little movement beyond that. "Well, I suppose he isn't quite dead yet." He leaned towards the still figure. "Looks like you're getting a promotion!", Isshiki announced as it draped Osujunkie over his shoulder like a limp fish. Isshiki then proceeded to wander some more.

After a bit of aimless trekking in the scorching daylight, the duo approach a strange sight.

A broad drapery spanning for an eternity.

Oh, and Squidward was there too, but Isshiki ignored him. Isshiki set Osu down gently and pulled out a permanent marker. "I'mma make some cat smileys here!"

As Isshiki scribbled away, Squidward continued his chant, and the stone in his tentacles began to glow in a sinister manner...

(Or whatever you want to do with it. Just tossing an idea out there)


A smile stretched across Squidward's face, a menacing smile. Isshiki looked up as something flew past it's head and struck the stone in Squidward's possession. The stone flew up in the air and Squidward stumbled back, clutching his tentacle. A single arrow was buried in the ground behind him. A blur came out from the shadows and whizzed past Isshiki. Squidward jumped into the air and caught the stone, immediately disappearing with a flash of light, just before the figure could lay his hands on it. Isshiki turned around and saw this newcomer. He was small but looked powerful.

"Damn." He muttered under his breath. He stared at the arrow for a while.

Celest, RGX, and PNSK came out from under the curtain. When they saw the newcomer, their eyes all widened.

Isshiki asked, "Who-"

"Plasma!", all three shouted.

PlasmaNuke let out a small chuckle as he looked over his shoulder.

"You guys miss me?"