RGX (Part 2)Edit

????: I is teah N00b Kingz lololololol

King Noob: Th@t$ ri3t u foolz!111onewon Th3r3 n0 w@y 2 3nt@ or le@v3 da darkness...U @llz wi11 F@LLZ HHEARZZZ!

  • A flash back goes through Jake's mind..

Jake: Wait! thats inaccurate! We know for a fact Booze said you were located in the deleted topics area!

King Noob: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Everyone knos w3 n00bs don't follow teh CANN0N!

Chio: Whatever the case you git, you long overstayed your welcome!

Bit: Bastard, your not destroying the forum!

Boz: Trapped or not, your going down!

Gamebuddy: (In Shadow character) Time to really prove who is the ULTIMATE!

Jake: We'll defeat you! SAAAAAAANDWICH STYLE!

Celest: Suck my dick faggot!

King Noob: @h, B17 MAsrt... !7z b33n @ W#!lez..

Gamebuddy: Sorry to interrupt, but does anyone understand what is he talking about?

Jake: Not really, I just went along with the moment.

Boz: Me neither *shrug

Celest: I just wanted him to suck my dick. XD

Bit: ......

King Noob: You haven't told them Bit?

Gamebuddy: Wait, hes talking fluently now?

Bit: ..........

Jake: Its all right Bit, you can tell us later.

Celest: Meh, Bit don't worry. We'll take this guy out.

King Noob: Don't feel like talking Bit!? Muhahahaha

Gamebuddy: Your voice is terrible, what kind of villain are you with a voice like that? I can do a better job in my sleep.

King Noob: Enough Talk!! Time to die.