*The story begins in the land known as Sonic Paradox. Within the walls of this website, built for the purpose of parodying a popular video game character, lies a secret. A dark secret. A secret so dark you could sell it at Hot Topic and it would be nabbed up by teenagers with identity issues. At least, that would be the case if it were a piece of clothing. Which it might very well be. That shall not be revealed yet however as it is, in fact, a secret. A dark secret.

The people of this board know not of this secret. They are far too distracted dealing with mentally challenged newcomers, feeding vastly predictable trolls, and putting off making the parodies they’re supposed to be working on. We join one member of the crew, the moderator known as TheChio, who is at this time procrastinating, as is normally the case.*

TheChio: *peering over the boards* I could be doing work right about now. “Could” being the operative word.

*Chio glances over towards the threads that fill up General Chatter, pondering.*

TheChio: I can always abuse my mod powers again. That'd be a fun alternative to work.

*Chio walks over to a thread entitled “help im on fire”, and takes a look inside. Aside from the records left over of past conversations, nothing of interest lies there.*

TheChio: Arsey bums. I already edited this thread. *leans against a wall of text* It was originally about some newbie wanting to know how to get girls to like him.

*Chio sighs*

TheChio: I really need to stop talking to myself all the damn time.

*Suddenly the wall of text that Chio is leaning against collapses and he falls into a dark and mysterious place beyond the thread.*

TheChio: Trouser sandwiches, what the hell just happened?! Where am I?

*Chio lays his eyes upon something inside this mysterious place. Something dark. Something secretive. It fills his mind with fear and his gut with dread. Thankfully nothing else is filled in the panic. Screaming like a little girl, he runs out of the mysterious place, luckily able to navigate his way back to the thread with minimal effort.*

TheChio: Something about that intangible mass of terror makes me feel a little uneasy. I think I’d better tell somebody else about this!

*And so Chio runs to do so! But WHO? WHO will he find, to tell of his horrifying experience? YOU DECIDE.*