Jake stumbles to his feet, unaffected by Nooblars threats. Being the only user around, he has no choice but to fight. Reaching in to his back pocket, Jake pulls out his trusty drumsticks.

Jake: My power flows through these babies. I suggest you log out before I give you a BEATing.

Nooblar looks back at him with a wide grin. Realising Nooblar won't leave, Jake charges full force towards him. As he approaches, two figures appear from the darkness, blocking his tracks.

Nooblar: You forget, Jake. We Noobs have the power of multiple accounts. This is how we out-number you ordinary users. Meet my alter egos - LightSpeedBlast and Ultimate-Sonic-3000.

LightSpeedBlast: Forget it, Jake. Zere is no way zat you can get past me!

Ultimate-Sonic-3000: This guy is about to become NSFW!

Fear consumes Jake instantly. He knows his Priveleged Member status is not capable of taking down Noobs of such power. With no other options, Jake turns and runs. If he could only find some help...

Nooblar: After him you fools!

Leaping over every post in his way, Jake finally arrives at the main page. With LSB and US3000 hot on his heels, he needs to find someone... and fast!

Jake: I need to find out who's online, but how!? Wait! That's it! I need to check the active users list!

Scrambling down to the bottom of the page, Jake takes a look at the active users list. His face oozes with relief.

Jake: Iceman, Boz, Chio, GameBuddy, Celest, Stasis and Boozerman are all online! Now I just need a plan. What weakness do these multiple account Noobs have!?

*Back in the stream*

Stasis: No luck guys. There are no admins here right now.

BoozermaN: For fucks sake! What do we do now!? You guys sort this mess out while I sit over there and drink myself stupid.

Chio: Hmmm, I guess we should wait here for a while. You never know who'll turn up.

Celest: I could be working on my short right now.

As the group start to settle, 4 users crash in to the stream.

Boz: Hey guys, it's Jake! He's in trouble!

LSB and US3000 cackle with wicked Noob laughter as they land blow for blow on Jake, throwing him around before pinning him to the floor. Nooblar stands above him and raises his claw in to the air, ready to deliver the final blow.

Jake: Their...IP address...their weakness is...


GameBuddy: SALTY FISH TACOS?! That's what you were going to say, right Jake?! Quick! To the Gulf of Mexico!

But GameBuddy's dash was cut short when Chio clotheslined him.

Chio: These noobs have multiple accounts, but the same IP address. If we ban the IP, we'll cut them off at the source.

GameBuddy: But...

Boz: What are we waiting for then?

GameBuddy: But what...

Chio: It's not that easy.

GameBuddy: Hey, guys.

Boozer: Oh for cripe's sake!

GameBuddy: Guys!

Everyone: WAT?!

GameBuddy: What if they're on AOL?

Everyone: FFFFFfffff--