So with THE GAME coming to a long overdue end, we do not have a magical tale being told on our board any longer (Of course, let's ignore the fact that THE GAME was basically dead for ages and nobody cared).

Thus I have decided to resurrect a formula that worked rather nicely on forums I visited long ago. Now they were forums far busier than our own, AND I'm posting this in the No Homers Club for anti-noobism, but... well, I'm sure I had a good point somewhere in there. ANYWAY.

Are you still with me? Thank goodness. So this is the deal. I shall explain it in numerical order so it is easier to digest for the simple-minded amongst you.

1. I will lay the seeds of a story, set within the realm of our forum. As though it were a REAL LOCATION.

2. You may continue the story, inserting yourself as a character if that’s what you’re into. Just as long as it’s your forum persona and name, and not Broodiness McDark the Broody who can tear a hole in the fabric of space and time. None of that nonsense.

3. Follow any post before you, regardless of length and quality, as part of the story. However, as the main writer (I prefer the term “Dreamweaver”), I may edit and/or remove posts depending on whether they’re irrelevant/inaccurate/terrible.

4. Be imaginative and have a giggle. This isn’t supposed to be serious, just legible.

5. NEW RULE: If you really don't want people to post until you're done with your segment (particularly if it's a big one), post the phrase "POST PENDING", then edit it with your new part when you're done. That way time-wasting can be prevented.

Right, that was far too much detail. I’ll start in the next post. Yes, I’m double posting. I’M A MOD. HYPOCRISY IS MY POWER. HAHAHAHA.

Anyway here we go.