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Time8th is a Whovian that adopts the practice of the Timelords from the BBC show “Doctor Who”. He observes what transpires, but never interferes. With his recent promotion to Privileged Member on Sonic Paradox however, he’s in a position to do some good for the SP. As of Parable II, Time8th feels that he must now become more active in the Sonic Paradox world and beyond. 


Time8th wears a plain white shirt with a green waistcoat that has a pocket watch in his left hand waistcoat pocket, with a light brown jacket. He also wears grey trousers and brown shoes.


Time8th is a quiet fellow, always choosing to listen and observe. He has a maturity about him that almost makes him a father figure, but will act childish at times. When he feels the time is right, he acts. This doesn't always end well, as he is only a Privileged Member, but he puts in a good effort all the same.

Sometimes, Time8th knows more than he's letting on, yet at other times, he's the most clueless person you'll ever meet. When he does talk to people he's always pleasant, unless they've done something wrong. Then, he acts like an angry teacher towards them.


  • Time8th owns a TARDIS, A Transdimensional vessel which allows him to travel safely throughout the internet. ...most of the time. Like the Sci-Fi Show it's known from, it resembles a Police public call box. Whilst unable to travel through time, the TARDIS can travel to anywhere on the internet. He carries a key to the box in his coat pocket, but only he can use it to open the doors.
  • While not carrying a weapon, Time8th carries a Sonic Screwdriver, which he claims is much more reliable.
  • As a Whovian, Time8th knows the basics of temporal physics, which is needed to be able to pilot a TARDIS.
  • As a VA, Time8th has the similar vocal abilities as GameBuddy. Not quite on his level, but enough to do what needs to be done.
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