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Character: TheRunningDafiniEdit

ShortName: Daf

RealName: Matt

Class: Hacker Programmer


1 - Modification: The ability to modify entities, add onto them. this may be attackers, object and items, and sometimes the landscape. Depending on the Signal Strength of this character, he may remotely modify objects or be resorting to modifying by physical means.

2 - Creation: The ability to create original entities in many, many ways. this may be to synthetically create allies, objects and items, or even cityscapes, Depending on the Signal Strength of this character. he may remotely create objects or be resorting to creating by physical means depending on Signal Strength.

3 - Respawn: The ability to respawn after dying. the waiting time depends on the Signal Strength generalised between the group.

4 - Chicken Transformation: This is available all the time, but takes half the time of respawn to become the Chicken Within. This triples any of the current limits of this character, and increases physical powers dramatically. He may power this up 4 times, increasing in size every time. the initial transformation is exactly Daf's size. each power up doubles the limits of the last power up. the final power up is of a gargantuan size, and is of a supreme power. the final power up is to be used wisely, and only at COMPLETE Signal Strength. Lasts until either Killed or when Daf powers down by choice.

5 - Unwilling Fusion: A fusion with any of the current cast, especially SSF1991, causes Daf to become supremely powerful. only available in Chicken form.

It is speculated that it works rather oddly on Isshiki Kotonashi, resulting in very scary things.


1 - WiFi: These strengths become stronger or weaker, or even unusable depending on the Signal Strength.

they become as follows

0 bars: miniscule creativity, but only by physical means rather than cyber means, no respawn. 1 bar: very small range of remote creation and modification, around 30 centimeters, respawn time set to 30 minutes. 2 bars: range of creation and modification is 100 cm, and respawn time is 24 minutes 20 seconds. 3 bars: range of creation and modification is 295 cm, respawn time is 14 minutes 30 seconds. 4 bars: range of creation and modification is 500 cm and 6 minutes 30 seconds. 5 bars: range of creation and modification is 1000 cm, and respawn is at 1 minute. COMPLETE Signal Strength: Range of creation is at 1337 metres, and grants instant respawn, but Chicken Transformation must go as far as 5 bars.


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Before the Noob WarsEdit

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During the Noob WarsEdit

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Post-Noob WarsEdit

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