This is a study of Light, Darkness, the Darknull Stone, the Lightcrest, etc.

It is believed that all sentient life on the internet requires a mixture of Light and Darkness to direct its actions towards survival. It is additionally postulated that only a combination of the two will work towards the long-term survival of sentient life without external influence. This theory is largely untested, not only because of the socio-political instability of the internet realm, but because of the sheer nontriviality of safely testing it.

One case study of particular interest is when a user known as BoozermaN is stabbed by a blade conjured by the Darknull Stone by the entity known as Squidward. Lore has indicated that Boozerman should thusly have had all of his Darkness drained out of his body, turning him into a dangerous zealot. Instead, he was turned into a peaceful, nonviolent "Stonerman" who, while being somewhat the antithesis of Boozerman's identity, was far from the purifier that lore postulated he would become. Why is this?

Possible explanations:

  1. The theory/lore is false. Light and Darkness hold no power over a sentient being. What effects then, if at all, does Light and Darkness have?
  2. Something protected Boozerman, however little, and not all of his Darkness was lost. Friends of Boozerman report of his near constant intoxication. Perhaps this is what protected him?
  3. The Darknull Stone is weaker than theory/lore dictates. The Darkness was not so readily drained from Boozerman, and Squidward could apparently hold it without adverse effect. Then why has theory/lore seemingly blown it out of proportion?

Until more information comes into light, the mysteries of Light and Darkness will remain in darkness.

UPDATE: The respective artifacts of these alignments are believed to be like black holes; A super dense formation created by being drawn to itself and compressing until it reached a critical density. It is postulated that if one were to be destroyed, it would merely reform in time. It is also theorized that they are beneficial to the Internet by gradually pulling away excess moral energy. Lastly, it is suggested that there may or may not be a place on the Internet devoid of either alignment as a result of being drained equally by both artifacts.