It is believed that all things on the internet are made out of data. However, it has recently been postulated that there is another element, one for all sentient beings. It has been named the Datastream and is believed to be the source of individuality and perspective in sentient life. It is hypothesized that it is normally hidden underneath a being's data and is vital to its continued existence.

Research is ongoing.

Field NotesEdit

  • You can target the Datastream directly if you have the means to do so, or if the protective outer layer of data is damaged
  • You can obtain the information of the being in the "Real Plane" that the target is connected to
  • The Datastream is connected to the "Real" being's desire to be connected to the internet and if destroyed, it damages their equipment and renders them unwilling to reconnect (At least, with that "handle", thus killing off that character)
  • The Collector believes that destroying the Datastream kills the "Real" being behind it. This is technically untrue, but functionally true. He never specifically mentions this, my bad
  • (In Parable 3, The connection becomes stronger when your character enters the real world. Whether you are summoning or manifesting your character, their Datastream is tied to your lifeforce and if they die, so do you (and vice-versa). Your character is hardier than a normal human being, so it would take serious damage to put them in any jeopardy. If you're summoning your character, they will generally dissipate before taking mortal damage.)