Time8th's Sonic Screwdriver

Time8th's Sonic Screwdriver.

The Sonic Screwdriver is the trademark item of a Whovian. Though there are Whovians that don't use one, it is very rare to find one that doesn't. A Sonic Screwdriver is used as a tool, and nothing more. while it has offensive capabilities, it doesn't kill. They are often used for easy tasks, such as hacking and repairs to a TARDIS. Sonic Screwdrivers come in various shapes and designs, but it's function is always the same: to help get out of tight situations. Used by Time8th.


The sonic screwdriver is considered to be very advanced Whovian technology. It has a multitude of settings and different versions of settings, Including:

  • Opening up and locking any kind of doors, hatches, panels and control panels.
  • For cutting through a section of a wall.
  • As a conventional screwdriver (without touching the screws).
  • Breaching a force field/ fire wall.
  • Safe-cracking/Code-breaking.
  • Signal Jamming capabilities.
  • For performing repairs and maintenance on new parts on the TARDIS control console.
  • Detecting and setting off traps.
  • Detonating bombs.
  • Scanning for life signs.
  • To locate the TARDIS.
  • For hacking programs (this doesn't always work).
  • Tracing distress signals.
  • Establishing an interface with the Data stream.
  • Summoning the TARDIS (can only be used once, as it drains the battery)
  • Producing hypersonic sound waves which can stun enemies
  • To increase a signal's strength.
  • Amplifying an energy beam.
  • Read Binary code

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