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Name: The Otterman (GriffinFlash with BoozermaN's darkness)

Appearance: Wears a light blue long sleeved shirt with a shell sewn into the middle of his chest and a pair of dark blue pants. He also wears a dark blue cape. On his head, he wears a mask shaped like oshawott/mijumaru/the otter.

Abilities: Wields the AtomicBoz Sword, which has yet to reach full power. It is an extremely powerful (rather overpowered) and incredibly sharp sword created from the shards of Boz. The sword is very light to wield allowing for very fast movements with it. If it obtains it's true power it will be able to create barriers. He may have many other abilities that have yet be to observed. Seeing as he is technically a Squidward Shadow he may have abilities similar to them.

Personality: Bipolar / Split / Brony / Troll / Noob / Otaku Noob / Otter / Squidward Shadow / Other Stuff I forgot.