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Kudo is a late comer in the series, hailing from the Outer Haven Zone (OHZ) where he was an admin until the site went idle. He then became a drifter, returning to his old stomping ground to pick up some of his things from time to time, that is until the "Combustion Explosion Logic Erection Sulfuric Timebomb", also known as a C.E.L.E.S.T. wiped the OHZ from existence leaving him with his meager possessions and his trusted arm cannon. 

He came into Sonic Paradox invited there by Celest Orion, who at this point was a mod, and wanted him to make SP his new home and he was greeted with open arms by the Sonic Paradox crew.

Soon after getting comfortable the second noob war broke out which, because noobs are curious, destroyed his arm cannon. Later in his journey he would rebuild his arm cannon with CSS, Java, and HTML so that unless he needed it it would stay safe.

Personality: He is a thrill seeker and likes to relax to a drink by his favorite gentleman, aptly named jack. Albeit he has a short fuse when it comes to certain things, he has a kind nature and can make friends with just about anyone.

Abilities: Because of the cannon on his right arm (in a way like Megaman) he is capable of firing blasts of energy and can charge the shot to cause more damage.

After the destruction of his cannon he learns all he can about Java and Html code and makes a better model that uses a hyperlink reference which allows him to use different versions that he strung out of code in Java and Html instead of it being an embedded object on his arm.