Various fauna of the internet: CONCEPT

Information on this page may or may not be out of date. Check on linked articles for more current information.

New ideas go on top.

Emo/goth - Idea taken from Forumwarz, I admit. Sort of leave alone and be left alone with these. ARPA knows we need more neutral classes (lol internet joke)

Camwhore - Lol no. Would require a lot of fleshing out, this seems too specific as is. Another idea from Forumwarz that doesn't fit well.

Artist - Likely a subset of User; Creative powers

Music fanatics - I don't know. It needs a bit of fleshing out. Probably does a lot of buffs/debuffs and their physical capabilities vary on subset. Some subsets are too feisty to be Users, others are quite friendly.

The Fandoms - We had several discussions over Skype. Bronies and Whovians were mentioned and would be added as subclasses

Ideas that have already been written out for

Otaku/weaboo/etc - They're obsessed with anime. Utilizes its "magical powers" in combat.

Newbie - a newborn denizen of the internet, easily corrupted but has the potential to grow into better denizens

Noob - The second lowest lifeform next to furries. Thin and gaunt from a lack of mental nourishment. Quite abundant, but usually merely an annoyance.

Furry - A sad, twisted organism that hides its deformities in a fursuit. Hunted down for good reason, as their disease ridden bodies can infect others, doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. There are good users with a similar appearance, however.

Troll - I'm working out what they look like, but they are quick to strike and sow discord, though their attack power varies. They can go either way with conversion.

Hacker - With a weak and frail constitution, they avoid direct combat and fight through hundreds of hollow copies granted to them by eldritch forces. Thankfully rare and unlikely to join with others.

User - A successfully developed newbie, they have quite the diversity and tend towards the friendly side. They often have certain talents unique to an individual. They still retain some of the newbies' suggestibility, but enough of their personality is set in place to prevent total conversions.

Eldritch abomination - It is suggested by the less sane that the internet is actually composed of thousands of these nightmarish creatures and we simply can't see them. There is never really any conclusive evidence that this is true, but one can wonder...