Although physically frail, Hackers have powerful techniques and should not be taken on alone. Common to all the subclasses are some hacker offensive abilities. They aren't necessarily enemies, but you shouldn't get in the way of something they want nonetheless. They differ from code-gifted Users in that hackers specialize in combat related code (Black Hat Hacker) or those rare types that specialize in protective based code (White Hat Hacker).


Regular HackerEdit

Rather to say they haven't had time to prepare, they have the basic abilites of a Hacker though, so still dangerous. Generally doesn't stay a regular hacker for long.

Site HackerEdit

They exploit a site to gain their powers, usually to deface or destroy said site. They become less powerful outside of hacked sites. White Hats protect sites in a mutually beneficial relationship and can be virtually indistinguishable from Administrators.

Botnet HackerEdit

Hacks individuals, turning them into zombies. These zombies can infect other lower classes with variable success. A large enough botnet army can crush even a well-prepared site. This type is always a Black Hat, but White Hats can immunize individuals and/or convert them back.

Hacker ProgrammerEdit

Similar in results to the Site Hacker, but uses code built from scratch instead of site hacking. The sight of their huge lumbering code guardians are a terror to behold, but since they take a long time to build, they are usually few in number. This class of Hacker is about as rare as the Site Hacker. White Hats also use this method for protection.

Cyber HackerEdit

These hackers replace their own flesh with code, bolstering their physical abilities and weaponizing themselves. Kudo, though a user, uses a similar technique for his armcannon. The use of code depends solely on their hacker's ability, and knowledge of such code, and can take a longer time to complete if that knowledge is lacking.

Hybrid HackerEdit

Has all the abilities of the other subclasses. By far the most potent, but takes a very long time to develop, and losing their code will set them all the way back to a regular hacker. Extremely rare, and tend to have mellowed out a bit over their development.