Place where the Lightcrest is located. It is a very dark and dangerous place where all light is absent. It lies beyond a desert and an ocean bisected by a massive firewall.[citation needed]

It is home to hundreds of undead beings, the unscrupulous souls that once sought the Lightcrest's power in life, now mindlessly guarding it in death. Spending an extensive amount of time in complete and all-consuming darkness has robbed them of their sight, but their other senses have heightened to compensate for their loss. If they detect an intruder, or even another of their kind, they will fly into a rage and do all in their power to destroy their victim. Infighting is prevalent but rarely fatal to their ex-life husks.

The Deep Web is also somewhat labyrinthine in nature, though several straight paths to the center can be found -
- paths swarming with furious guardians.