Also known as: Cosmic, Cosmo or Kozumikku

A lonesome, reserved, teenaged girl who has no idea how to edit this to make it look like the other pages. She resides in the International Continent of the interwebs.

She also may edit this later. Who knows.


She generally doesn’t talk much unless she’s comfortable with whom she’s around, and she despises any kind of confrontation on a negative level. She has studied quite a few different languages, and often blurts out phrases and interjections (That are 9.9 times out of 10 in Japanese; the other .1 being in another language such as German or Russian) in normal conversation. She doesn’t like to talk about her past to most people, as it brings up bad memories when she thinks of it, but trust that it isn't a good past in the slightest.

She has an overall serious demeanor, with a very restricted sense of humor. She doesn't like to be messed with or bothered and has no tolerance for immaturity. Though serious, she can be a bit childlike, only for the fact that she often squeaks and makes other random cutesy noises as responses to many things. She is very saccharine and protective towards the one she loves, and cares for the well being of her allies. However, just as she is capable of caring for someone, she is just as capable of becoming indifferent and even hateful towards someone if provoked in a negative way, even if she once cared for whatever provoked her. She is not a forgiving person most of the time, and has a photographic memory.


She’s on the taller side with a delicate body frame and often wears dresses with stockings and Mary Jane shoes, or outfits of long sleeved shirts paired with skirts and short suede boots; either outfit usually with a bow in her hair made of extravagant design and color. Her hair is usually a bright red, but occasionally it has been seen a raven black colour. Her eyes are an azure blue, changing from light and dark shades of the colour depending on her emotions.


She would rather observe and analyze things than take action, mostly for the fact that she’s afraid of who she’ll unleash into if she gets into combat. If she does have to fight she depends on her own intelligence and survival skills. She can use the elements for protection and healing spells, but doesn’t often do it unless in dire need.