Sword wielded by Celest Orion. Useful only in sites where admin abilities are granted.

The Bansword was originally a weapon from a site once known as the Outer Haven Zone, or OHZ, but was deemed useless during the first noob war on Sonic Paradox since it had no power. Instead, the Scaphium Aurum was used to provide a vast array of arsenal to combat the threat.

Later on, Celest rid himself of the OHZ by compressing it into a quantum singularity via a C.E.L.E.S.T. The site was dead, and had served its purpose. By receiving admin abilities on Sonic Paradox, the Bansword was now alive with power again.

The Bansword is also a great tool for being the focal point of magical energies, also known as come up with a goddamn name for it. Celest mainly uses the blade to channel light-based attacks that are fueled by administrative privileges. An example of one of his light-based attacks is summoning pillars of light to surge from the ground, completely eradicating all traces of noobs and other threats through the act of permabanning.

Celest does not channel dark-based attacks through the Bansword. Instead, he mainly focuses those powers within himself, becoming somewhat of a tank, but at a high risk.

More to possibly follow later on.